At Bagno Paradiso taking the right time is important, even for eating

Bagno Paradiso is not just a bathing establishment in Lido di Camaiore: the structure offers a restaurant and bar open from morning to evening.

The place is ideal for starting the morning with a tasty breakfast with croissants and fresh pastries, delicious savory dishes or desserts prepared by the legendary cook “Aunt Lory”, or ending your day at the beach with an elegant aperitif while watching the sunset.
In the evening, having dinner overlooking the sea is priceless. A menu of dishes based on fresh fish, where those of tradition cannot be missing, the

spaghetti with clams or seafood, mixed fried food, to which are added new proposals prepared by our talented chefs.
A cellar of wines selected from among the best proposals mainly from the Tuscan territory awaits you. The vegetables that are used, as for the Arginvecchio Restaurant, come directly from our farm considered the family vegetable garden.

During the week, Bagno Paradiso offers event evenings with special menus or aperitifs.

The freedom to choose even at the table

Quick snacks or chef’s dishes The philosophy of Bagno Paradiso, that of leaving the guest in complete freedom, also continues at the table.
At the restaurant on the beach, also equipped with a bar, it is possible to choose between quick lunches or snacks or sit comfortably to enjoy, with a view of the sea, delicious dishes, mainly fish, all with the highest quality ingredients, carefully prepared by our chef.

Parties and private events on the sea

Bagno Paradiso organizes special evenings, where excellent food, cocktails and music come together.
Furthermore, the staff is available to set up tailor-made private events on the beach to share with your guests.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the unique atmosphere of the setting sun and the evocative colors of the sunset to start enjoying a magical evening.

From the sea to the hinterland, research in the kitchen continues

Our little family jewel at the foot of the hills of Camaiore, the Ristorante Arginvecchio awaits you to taste the Tuscan flavours. A place immersed in silence in the Capezzano Pianore countryside, an exclusive location at the foot of the first hills of Camaiore, where typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition await you, mainly meat, accompanied by zero kilometer vegetables, grown directly in our family garden.

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