Bagno Paradiso, your living room on the beach

At Bagno Paradiso we want our customers to experience the beach as one does with friends in a living room at home.
A family atmosphere that makes guests’ stay pleasant, and we always ensure that they find well-kept spaces and quality services.

At Bagno Paradiso the days are full because here there is everything you need without ever having to move. The sea, the beach which has spacious tents and umbrellas, equipped cabins, an excellent restaurant with a bar open for lunch and during the summer season also for dinner, a small playground for children.
An ideal place to forget about time, savoring every moment of sun and fun.

The freedom to choose even at the table

Quick snacks or chef dishes.
The philosophy of Bagno Paradiso, that of leaving the guest in complete freedom, also continues at the table. At the restaurant on the beach, also equipped with a bar, it is possible to choose between quick lunches or snacks or sit comfortably to enjoy, with a view of the sea, delicious dishes, mainly fish, all with the highest quality ingredients, carefully prepared by our chef.

Book now

For information and reservations, call +39 0584 66668
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