White, beige and brown: the colors of simple elegance

The Bagno Paradiso beach is furnished with natural colors that intertwine and harmonize with those of the landscape, the sand, the Apuan Alps, the white of its marbles, creating a relaxing and elegant setting.
To make the experience of a beach holiday even more comfortable, it was decided to give more space to the tents when setting up the beach.

Each of the 54 tents is equipped with two deck chairs, two cots, two director’s chairs and a small table.
On our beach there are also 20 umbrellas available, each of which is equipped with a deck chair, a chair and a cot, ideal for those who go to the beach alone or as a couple, or simply stop for a short break or are linked to the tradition of the historic Beach umbrella.
The beach organized in this way is spacious and tidy, leaving ample freedom of movement for customers, who can move their sunbeds in the sun without disturbing the neighbours.

Experience the beach in a family atmosphere

At Bagno Paradiso the days are full because here there is everything you need without ever having to move: the sea, the beach which has spacious tents and umbrellas, equipped cabins, an excellent restaurant with a bar open at lunch and during the summer season also for dinner, a small playground for children. Without forgetting the elegant promenade of the Lido, with its delightful shops, overlooked by the Bagno and the nearby and suggestive pier. Behind, to complete the picture in which you will find yourself, guardians of the sea the majestic Apuan Alps.

Fun and new friends of the sea

Beach holidays also turn into wonderful opportunities for new and lasting friendships that are born from an early age. Thanks to the proximity of an umbrella or sharing a game. At Bagno Paradiso there is no shortage of opportunities to get to know each other and have fun together. There is a play area for children with swings, a slide and a little house. And a beach volleyball court where kids and sports lovers can spend pleasant hours of exercise in the open air, enjoying the sun and the sea air and making new friends.

An expanse of fine golden sand

The Bagno Paradiso beach is designed and structured according to criteria of maximum comfort combined with an offer of punctual and diversified services, so as to be able to welcome and satisfy any type of customer, single, couple, family or group of friends.
Whether it’s the spacious tents with sunbeds and deck chairs or umbrellas, for those who do not want to give up on tradition, our guests will find their own space for privacy and relaxation in the shaded areas of the establishment.

Just as the services available find a differentiated declination: the little ones will be able to spend time in their corner of paradise, a mini playground with slide, house and swings, while the older kids will have an entire beach volleyball court in which to have fun together with friends of the sea.

Quick snacks or chef dishes

The philosophy of Bagno Paradiso, that of leaving the guest in complete freedom, also continues at the table. At the restaurant on the beach, also equipped with a bar, it is possible to choose between quick lunches or snacks or sit comfortably to enjoy, with a view of the sea, delicious dishes, mainly fish, all with the highest quality ingredients, carefully prepared by our chef.
The restaurant is also open to external customers who return year after year for the excellent cuisine, the extraordinary setting and the warm welcome.

From the sea to the hinterland, research in the kitchen

Our little family jewel at the foot of the hills of Camaiore, the Arginvecchio Restaurant awaits you to taste the Tuscan flavours. A place immersed in silence in the Capezzano Pianore countryside, an exclusive location at the foot of the first hills of Camaiore, where typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition await you, mainly meat, accompanied by zero kilometer vegetables, grown directly in our family garden.

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